Suzy Hug Levy, Necmi Sonmez,
Gallery Baraz, Cemal Resit Rey Hall, Istanbul

Suzy Hug Levy
The Past, Present and Future of Istanbul through Newspapers
Dr. Kiymet Giray
Emlak Art Gallery, Ankara, 1999

Suzy Hug Levy
Inward – Inward Landscapes and Diverse Rhythms, The Relationship between the individual and its surroundings in the work of SHL, Necmi Sonmez
Milli Reasurans Art Gallery, 1997

Suzy Hug Levy
Inward (appendix)
Reflection of the form, Visual Rhythms, Necmi Sonmez
Milli Reasurans Sanat Galerisi, 1997

Suzy Hug Levy
Different Aspects of a Search for Body, Necmi Sonmez
Milli Reasurans Sanat Galerisi, 2001

Arkadia, Suzy Hug Levy
Milli Reasurans Art Gallery, 2001

To be a Woman
Prof. Jale N. Erzen
Gallery G-Art, 2005

Suzy Hug Levy
Fragile Images, Prof. Jale N. Erzen
Is Art Gallery, 2001

Turkey Today
Marwin Howe, Westview Press

International Who’s Who of Professional and
Busines Women, since 2002

Istanbul Codex Contemporary Artists from Turkey
Imago !punW
Luciao Benetton Collection, Fabrica 2016

The Album of the Second Beijing International Art Biennale, China, 2005