Born in Istanbul, 1944, Robert College ’65, B.A.

Founding member of the Schneidertempel Cultural Centre

Founding member of the Istanbul Modern Art Museum Foundation

Charter member of the Istanbul Philarmonic Orchestra Association

Member of SANART Art and Culture Organisation

Member of PCD-UNESCO Plastic Arts Organisation

Since 2000 selected for inclusion in ‘The Marquis Who’s Who In the World’, ‘IBC, Dictionary of International Biography’

Works in Izmir Museum of Modern Art, Akbank, Sabancı University, İşbank, Fabrica Benneton and private collections in Turkey, U.S.A., Switzerland, France, England and Japan.


2005 IJAWA Merit Award ( ARCADIA ) video

2004 INTERNATIONAL JEWISH ARTIST OF THE YEAR (Sculpture) / The London Jewish Museum of Art, London, England

2002 AWARD, Tunis Biennial, Tunis

1998 ARTIST OF THE YEAR (Sculpture) Ankara Arts Council, Turkey


1997 BIENNIAL AWARD ‘Sharjah International Arts Biennal’

1993 CONTEMPORARY ARTIST OF THE YEAR / Painting and Sculpture Museum Association, Istanbul, Turkey


2013 Gallery APEL, Istanbul, Turkey (A leaf in the wind)

2005 G Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey / ‘Goddesses‘, installation

2001 INAX Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2001 MILLI REASURANS Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey / ‘Arcadia’ installation, performance video

2001 IŞ SANAT Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey / ‘Fragile Images’, Installation, performance/video/photography

2000 MILLI REASURANS Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey / ‘A Celebration’, Installation, video, performance

1999 EMLAK BANK Gallery, Ankara, Turkey / ‘Newspapers’, installation

1999 APEL Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey / ‘Newspapers’

1998 STUDIO, İstanbul, Turkey / ‘A Celebration’, performance, video/photography

1998 KARACA Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey / ‘Inward III’, installation, video

1997 MILLI REASURANS Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey / ‘Inward’ installation, performance video

1997 SANART, METU, Ankara, Turkey / ‘Inward II’, installation, video, ‘Sepia bones’, performance, video

1994 KARE Art Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey / ‘Angel’s Wings’ performance dia show / ‘A Room of One’s Own’ installation

1991 Galeri BARAZ, Istanbul, Turkey / Paintings, Cemal Reşit Rey Exhibition Hall


2007 10th. Anniversary, Karaca Gallery, Çankaya Contemporary Art Centre, Ankara

2007 Color of Women, Beşiktaş Contemporary, İstanbul

2006 Times of Tulip, Darphane, İstanbul

2005 Secret and Time,Korean/Turkish artists show, Ankara

2005 Beijing Biennial, Beijing, China

2005 London Jewish Museum of Art, Ben Uri Gallery, Award winner artist’s show, England

2004 London Jewish Museum of Art, Ben Uri Gallery, Finalists Show, London, England

2004 Tram Studios, Camden Town, London

2004 Contemporary Painting and Sculpture from Turkey, Lyngby Cultural Centre, Denmark

2004 Contemporary Painting and Sculpture from Turkey, Melina Mercoury Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece

2004 Dialogues Plastiques, Hotel de Ville, Brussels, Belgium

2003 ‘Günther Verheugen’s choice’Contemporary Art from Turkey, European Union Building, Brussels, Belgium

2003 ‘Turkey ’ scupture exhibition. Tokyo, Japan

2003 Kyoto University, ‘Scupture from Turkey’ sculpture exhibition, Kyoto, Japan

2002 Nakano, Nazım Hikmet’s day, ‘Fragile Images’ video, Tokyo, Japan

2002 Maas Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlands,

2002 Biennial of Tunis, Tunisia

2001 Fujino, Japan / ‘Fragile Images’ performance/installation

2001 Frauen Musaeum, Bonn, Municipal Gallery, Berlin / ‘As you see me but I am not’

2001 Detroit, U.S.A., Detroit Modern Art Musaeum, DOCUMENTA

2000 Global Fine Arts, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

2000 Pilgrim’s Gallery, Washington D.C.,U.S.A.

2000 D.F.I.Gallery, Dupont Centre, Washington D.C., A.B.D.

1999 JCCNV Gallery, Washington D.C.U.S.A.

1999 I.Alexandria Mediterranean Art Festival, Egypt / ‘Cleopatra’s needles’

1997 Sharjah International Art Biennial, U.A.E. / BIENNIAL AWARD ‘The Invisible Woman of Sharjah’

1996 SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, U.S.A. / ‘Designed Landscape Forum’, ’Genesis’

1996 4.International Sculpture Drawings Biennial, Bucharest, Hungary

1995 SALON DE MONTROUGE, Paris, France

1995 JEUNE PEINTURE,Quai Branly, Paris, France

1994 SALON DE MONTROUGE, Paris, France

1993 SALON DES ARTISTES FRANÇAIS, Grand Palais, Paris, France

1993 SALON D’AUTOMNE’, Grand Palais, Paris, France / ‘Contemporary Artists’